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Shame, 2015

In Israel, hateful politics has descended on the theatrical stage and actors are now paying a price because of their national identity or views. Morad Hassan is a Palestinian actor who was caught in the eye of the storm when Israel’s Minister of Culture decided to cut all funding to the theatre where he worked. This was because of a play based on the writings of a Palestinian political prisoner, in which Morad was acting. Einat Weizman, is an actress and activist whose criticism of Israel’s last military onslaught on Gaza made her the target of a “Facebook lynch” and of real life threats and incitement. The play presents two monologues about career paths and life, under the shadow of the ‘theatre’ that is the Israeli reality.

Other production of Shame - Shame 2.0

Director| Einat Weizman

Playwright | Einat Weizman & Morad Hassan

Actors | Einat Weizman & Morad Hassan


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