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Palestine, Year Zero, 2016

A building assessor decides to estimate the damages to the Palestinian homes that were destroyed or damaged. He goes from house to house, from Jerusalem to Jenin, to El-Araqeeb, to Gaza, and writes a report on the destruction. In each place the reason for demolition is different, and a different method was used. The destruction starts from the bottom, from the top, or from the side. The buildings are crumbling, bombed-out, sealed-up, split. In writing his report on the damages, he discovers the Palestinian reality. The assessor becomes an archaeologist of the present who writes Palestinian history through the destruction.


Playwright and director: Einat Weizman 

Translation:  Abdelrahman Natour
Guidance: Eyal Weizman
Dramaturgy: Avner Ben Amos
Cast: Georges Ibrahim | Gassan Ashkar | Amjad Badr | Revecca Telhami 
Stage & costume designer: Salim Ashehad
Lighting designer: Amir Castro 
Music: Faraj Suliman 



photos by: David Kaplan

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