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Prison notebooks, 2017

The prison notebooks include personal letters from political prisoners from the Israeli prison. The prison, where about a quarter of the Palestinian adult men have passed, is not only an individual punishment space but also a space in which social, political and cultural processes are formed. The evening will allow an unprecedented glimpse into the Palestinian national project's thoughts, hopes, ideas, and desires.

This event was born in response to the disqualification of the play “Prisoners of the Occupation” at the Akko festival by the mayor and the minister of culture. In response, I held an event in which I gave the research materials that I collected a different form - 15 artists and activists reading from letters of Palestinian political prisoners, Staged reading of correspondence between a Jewish journalist and a Palestinian prisoner and various speakers.


Director& research | Einat Weizman

Readers | Avi Mograbi, Yonatan Shapira, Adam Maor, Udi Aloni, Anat Matar, Haggai Matar, Orly Noy, Sinai Peter, Ron Kahlili, Igal Sarna, Yonatan Polak, Michal Sapir, Tal Nitzan, Miki Krazman. 

Director of photography |  Activestills 

Editor | Adi Golan Bikhnafo

Letters from prison- Basel Ghattas and Einat Weizma

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