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Dogma 48

Einat Weizman and Akevot institution 
8 artists

Dogma 48 is an artistic format that is built around archival documents, provided by the Akevot Institute, that evidence, testify to, or hint at broader stories about the colonial history and ongoing reality in Palestine-Israel. The project combines archive materials with recent documents to showcase an unfolding political process. 

Each artist works with 2 documents- one from the archive, and a second document from a present day publication. In this way, they uncover the political process that started in 1948 and continue to this very day. 

Every artist interacts with the 2 documents through their own form of artistic expression while following the parameters set in Dogma4.8’s guidelines. 

The performative presentation of the documents in various artistic produces a performative and relevant archive, very different from the dusty bureaucratic archive of Kafkaesque or imperial institutions. Our project will bring the archive to life.

First round, Artists:

1. Michal Samama- Assumptions

2. Fidaa Zidan- Brawl

3. Adam Uriel Ruf- And this is the reality

4. Ala Hlehel- Kadita Munamore

5. Meira Asher- #Hunderstrikecombat 

6. Meir Tati- Action no. 12

7. Olga Golzer- Words are like wind

8. Tamer Nafar- The son of Lidd

Credit pictures: David Kaplan

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