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I, Dareen T. 2018

“I, Dareen T.” Is a solo documentary theatre work based on the story of Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour, who was convicted by the Israeli authorities for “incitement to violence” over a poem and two posts she published on Facebook. She held a long legal battle (during which she was under house arrest) to prove that her poem and posts constituted a legitimate protest against the crimes of  the Israeli occupation. In May 2018 she was convicted sentenced to 5 month in prison.

Einat Weizman, an Israeli Jewish theatre creator, actor and activist, met Dareen during her struggle and accompanied her.

The encounter between the two created a special friendship that gave birth to the play based on the memoir Dareen wrote during the house arrest, on Dareens’ poems and thoughts combined with Einat’s texts. Einat is facing the silencing and theatre censorship of her works which attempts to bring the Palestinian narrative to the stage.

The creator, who gives her body and voice to the poet to speak through her, uses her body as a channel for the testimony of Dareen, a testimony that exposes a double-oppressive narrative: the Israeli control over the Palestinian people, and the female oppression within a patriarchal society Dareen is part of.

The narrative of Dareen and that of Einat merge and the boundaries between them become blurred. The work uses minimalistic performance means to expose a suppressed reality and gradually emerges as an act of liberation, from the chains of oppression, through feminine sisterhood.

Creator | Einat weizman 

Director | Nitzan Cohen

Playwright | Dareen Tatour and Einat weizman

Video  | Nimrod Zin 

Music | Tamre Nafar and Itamar Zigler 

Set Designer | Tal Arbiv 

Light designer| Nadav Barnea

Other world productions of I, Dareen T. :

Japanese version,- Natory office Theater, 2023


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photos by: David Kaplan

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