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99.9%   Convictions

The work documents my visits to the Israeli Military Court at Ofer Camp,, one of the central mechanisms of the occupation facilitating military control of hundreds of thousands of people, the subjects of the occupation. Like my previous plays, 99.7%, referring to the conviction rate in the military courts, is a research project and a reflection on the essence of theater.

The performance will describe my failure to achieve what I had planned - a large screen shot of a computer illustration of courtroom # 7 at Ofer -  a shack where detention extension requests are debated and where the fate of most cases is determined. Freezing moments from the proceedings, six key protagonists will shed light on the court room drama through monologues that I will narrate: a military judge, military prosecutor, defense attorney, interpreter, prisoner, family member who comes to watch the trial. Through the monologues in which each character tells about her role in the system - the nature of this incrimination machine will be exposed.

Soon after I began working on the play, the military system blocked my access to court officials. I tried to talk to some of them during my court visits – but was met with outright refusal. Then I tried the official route - through the IDF Spokesperson - I wrote emails, called again and again and was refused every time, no explanation provided.

The performance will be divided into two plot lines.  The first will profile  the Ofer Military Court - a shadow mechanism with minimal journalistic or civilian oversight. The second will follow the obstacles I encountered in trying to document the military court.


To create a visual representation of the court, I invited the artist, Emi Sfard, to accompany me on my visits to Ofer. She then created computer animation model recreating what we had seen. The model allows viewers to wander in court and move between the various shacks that serve as military court-rooms. The computer model mimics the style of classic court illustrations. Together with my narration it will try to animate this black hole and present the theater of the court.

Playwright  |  Einat Weizman and political prisoners 

Director  |  Einat Weizman

3D Illustrations  | Emi Sfard

Dramaturg  |  Nitzan Cohen

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