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Shame 2.0, 2019

Mosaic Theater production, Washington DC


Hate mail. Death threats. Intimidation. Incarceration. Artists under siege and house arrest. This is happening. Now. This is Shame 2.0, a blistering, documentary portrait ripped right from today’s headlines. As Israelis and Palestinians work together in the face of government censorship, cultural suppression, and Loyalty Oaths, we see the costs on embattled artists in a conflict-ridden region unfold onstage. It is a gripping snapshot of now, written in realtime.



Other production of Shame 

Adopted | Einat Weizman from the original play by Einat Weizman and Morad Hassan

Directeor | John Vreeke

Set Designer | Jonathan Dahm Robertson

Lighting Designer | Brittanty Shmuga

Costume Designer | Brandee Mathies

Projections Designer | Dylan Oremovich

Sound Designer | David Lamont Wilson

Sound Engineering | Robert Garner, With Morad Hassan, Colleen Delany, and Lynette Ratham

Producer | Mosaic Theater Company

Reviewed |  Susan Galbraith

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