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How To Make A Revolution

The Finborough Theatre presents a digital production of the new documentary play How To Make A Revolution by Einat Weizman with Issa Amro, as part of the Finborough Theatre’s new digital initiative, FinboroughFrontier

“You can’t document what happens in the military courts – you can’t take videos or pictures, no recordings at all. Much of what happens there stays in the dark – unless someone takes the official testimonies and makes them into a play.”


Hailed as a defender of human rights by the United Nations, and born and raised in Hebron, Issa Amro has devoted his life to protesting and documenting human rights abuses in the West Bank-Occupied Territories.

In February 2016, he was detained and indicted by the Israeli state on eighteen charges spanning six years – including incitement, insulting a soldier, and protesting against military and settler violence.

He was tried in the Ofer Military Court where the average trial takes 10 minutes, and where the conviction rate for Palestinians is 99.7%.

With the help of an Israeli lawyer, the presence of foreign diplomats, and an international outcry, Issa was acquitted of most of the charges and received a suspended sentence, only to find himself arrested and tried again – but this time, not by Israel, but by the Palestinian Authority.

Based on verbatim transcripts, Issa Amro takes to the stage to play himself in a coruscating look at the truth behind the headlines.   

In this new documentary play, was filmed for the online channel of Finborough theatre, London. 

Will premiere in person in Jaffa theater this summer.

By | Einat weizman & Issa Amro

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